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Hawaii Honolulu International Airport (HNL)

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Honolulu Airport
300 Rodgers Blvd.
Honolulu, HI 96819
(808) 836-6413
Airport Map

General Information

Honolulu International airport is fast growing and is considered one of the busier airports in the world.   It is the principal hub for Hawaiian Airlines – Hawaii’s biggest airline.    You can enjoy many amenities during your visit including:

ATM machines
Barber/Beauty Shop
Business Center/Postal Service
Space Museum
Free Hula Shows
Currency Exchange

Things to Do

Hawaii has many concession locations scattered throughout the airport.   You can find coffee shops, cafes, and full service restaurants to suit your taste.

Shops and Restaurants

Accessibility Services

Hawaii Honolulu provides full accessibility services throughout the entire airport including in the Overseas, Interisland, and Commuter parking areas.

Rental Cars

There are 6 rental car companies that you can utilize for your transportation needs.

Airport Parking information can be found here.

Useful Phone Numbers

For Visitors:     (808) 836-6413
Administrator      (808) 838-8600
Staff Services Office     (808)838-8657
Visitor Information Program Office   (808) 836-6417
Information Technology Office   (808) 838-8678
Airports Operations Office    (808) 838-8607
Engineering Branch     (808) 838-8835
Island of Hawaii District Manager     (808) 327-9520
Assistant District Manager    (808) 934-5800
Island of Maui District Manager     (808) 246-1400
Islands of Maui, Molokai & Lanai
District Manager     (808) 872-3808
Island of Oahu District Manager     (808)836-6533
TTY        (808) 836-6601
Hilo International Airport    (808) 934-5838
Honolulu International Airport   (808) 836-6413
Kahului Airport     (808) 872-3893
Kona International Airport at Keahole  (808) 329-3423
Lihue Airport      (808) 246-1448
Molokai Airport     (808) 567-6361

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