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Invest in International Travel Insurance and Take the Stress out of your Travel

If you have ever booked, planned and taken a vacation then you have surely heard of international travel insurance. Every trip you have booked has probably come hand in hand with an offer for travel insurance, but the question remains what exactly is it? What coverages are you provided and is it truly worth it? Without a long drawn out explanation the simple answer is, yes. Here is a simple explanation of exactly what international travel insurance is and why it is such an important investment whenever you are leaving the country.

There are few different types of options when international travel insurance. You can choose from a list of available options or you can invest in a plan that incorporates coverage for every possible mishap that you may run into when traveling. Essentially there are four types including;

  1. Emergency Medical or Health Insurance – Provides coverage for medical treatment if a sickness or injury occurs while traveling.
  2. Trip Cancellation & Interruption – Insurance in case of cancellation of your trip. Recover prepaid trip cost for the following covered reasons. Sickness, bankruptcy, traffic accident en route, employment termination, felony, terrorist incident, weather, strike, jury duty or military duty.
  3. Lost Baggage Insurance – Safeguard personal articles and expenses if bags are lost, stolen, damaged, or delayed for 12 hours or more.
  4. Flight Accident Coverage – Insurance that deals with instances of accidents on your flight

When debating which coverage is important for your or your family you should always plan ahead and remember that you can never be too careful. Although it may seem like the right decision to opt out of international travel insurance at the time, saving a few dollars is not worth the risk. For a relatively low cost you can protect yourself, your partner and your family from all sorts of unforeseen problems and mishaps. You can purchase a plan that covers you in severe cases or an all-inclusive plan that covers everything from delayed baggage to missing your flight. The risk you incur when you don’t invest in travel insurance is not worth the relatively low cost.

Just as with all other types of insurance, international travel insurance works by incorporating all possible risks that you and your family may be facing. While the insurance company will consider all risks and options, it is up to you to decipher which protection you need and what you can afford. For example, if you are older and have some current health issues or are traveling with your family then it is best to invest in a plan with full and complete coverage. On the other hand if you are traveling alone and are young and healthy then you may consider opting out of full coverage protection.

Does this mean that you should forego choosing travel insurance protection altogether? Absolutely not. There is still a chance that your plane may be delayed or your baggage could get lost. Is it really worth investing all your hard earned money in the perfect trip only to have things go by the wayside because you wanted to save a few dollars? You have heard those travel horror stories. Don’t become one of the statistics. Protect your trip just the way you would protect a new car or your home.

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