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Protect Your Belongings With Luggage Protection

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Other than your personal safety while traveling, the safety of your luggage and the items in it is one of the biggest things on your minds. When you travel, especially when you travel for long distances, you?ll likely pack a good deal of your personal items from home. Even if you are not a heavy packer, it?s easy to assume that you pack anywhere from $500-$1500 in your personal belongings and many of these items simply cannot be duplicated. When something happens to your luggage, you?ll find that an airline or a cruise line is just not able to offer substantial replacement vouchers so you can get new luggage and/or new personal belongings. Luggage protection programs are an excellent way to not only take care of your expensive luggage, but the expensive and personal items inside.

What Your Airline Or Cruise Line Cannot Do For You

Luggage protection is often something that airlines and cruise lines will tell you that comes with the purchase of your ticket, or it?s a policy that your luggage damage or loss is covered, but the vouchers you are given to replace your items are laughable. In fact, most airlines have stopped reimbursing passengers for minimal to moderately damaged luggage, they call it a hazard of checking your bags. It?s easy for them to say, but the ?moderate? damage to your back can cause you hundreds of dollars when you realize that you cannot use it without compromising the safety of your personal belongings inside.

Even when luggage is lost, you won?t be happy with the outcome. The airline or cruise line will usually offer you $200-$300 for the loss of your property. If your luggage is severely damaged you can expect even less, even if the luggage is no longer usable and some or all of your personal items are gone or ruined as a result of the damage. Considering that your luggage probably cost at least a hundred dollars or more and the contents within cost at least $500 the airline or cruise line will not be able to come anywhere near replacing all of your personal items.

What Luggage Protection Can Do For You

Luggage protection often comes with better travel insurance policies as a sort of added bonus. Most people do not understand what a big bonus the protection actually is until they have their luggage lost or damaged and they are quickly reimbursed for their loss. Though the luggage protection may never be able to replace some times, you?ll find that a $1000-$3000 replacement voucher is much more appropriate than the skimpy $100-300 maximum that you?ll get from your airline or cruise line. The difference is staggering, especially when you consider that the cost of luggage protection really is not all that outrageous.

The Policy

When you buy a travel insurance policy, consider yourself lucky to have luggage protection included. If it is included, ask how much will be paid out should a claim be filed. If the full amount is only a couple hundred dollars, you might find that this is enough since you?ll likely be compensated by the airline as well. If you feel as though you want more coverage (if you are traveling through airports with bad reputations or traveling long distances it?s a good idea) then you can inquire about adding more luggage protection to the policy. You?ll find that for just $50 you can add a fair amount of coverage, which is great for peace of mind even if you never use it.


There usually are not a whole lot of exclusions involved with a luggage protection policy, though you might find some that cover more than others. Some luggage protection policies cover your luggage in hotels and during transport, others will deny damage if you did not promptly pick up your luggage upon arrival at your destination. Overall, you?ll find that luggage protection does not have a lot of fine print, but should you not understand any of the fine print involved, as your agent for a clear explanation.

Luggage protection may seem frivolous to some, but to others who have gone through the loss of luggage will find it a necessary element of their travel insurance. Many plans will cover your luggage for multiple trips, which may be the most economical way to go if you travel often and really don?t want to lose your luggage or have it damaged!

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