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Travel Insurance And Your Pre-Existing Condition

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When traveling with a major health condition you probably realize that you are more in need of travel insurance of some sort than a lot of other people. Unfortunately, when you have a major medical condition you?ll find that getting travel insurance is actually more difficult despite your very real need for it. It?s not only the people with major, ongoing illnesses that are often trapped by the pre-existing condition trap, it?s people who have simply been treated for a medical condition within the last six months to a year. If you have been treated for a condition or have an ongoing illness, you should know that you are entitled to travel insurance you just have to disclose your health information so that your best interests as well as the interests of the insurer are protected.

Read The Fine Print Carefully

When you are looking for travel insurance you?ll have to be careful to read the fine print, because the fine print is what can make or break any policy for you. The words exclusions or pre-existing conditions should be words that jump out and wave a red flag at you. Don?t be intimidated though, you?ll find that just because there are pre-existing conditions or exclusions, you still may be able to work with the policy. Just because there is conditions doesn?t mean you won?t meet them. Read through them carefully and ask your insurance agent about the language if you do not understand it. You cannot make decisions about travel insurance if you do not fully understand what is being said.

The ?Controlled Condition? Clause May Allow You To Qualify

Often times, you?ll find that the insurance company does have pre-existing conditions or limitations to coverage if you have been treated in the last six months. However, many insurers also stipulate that if the condition has been controlled for six months prior to the opening of the policy that you still qualify for coverage. Control is usually defined as ?exhibiting no symptoms or not requiring an adjustment or change in medication? so this may allow you to purchase the policy because you?ve been on the same medication for six months without any change.

However, buying the policy too early before your travels could jeopardize your coverage, even if you don?t tell anyone. For instance, if you had to increase your heart medication in the weeks prior to travel and you don?t notify the insurance company and then you need medical care, you could end up paying for all of your medical care when the insurance company later finds out that you were taking more medication than you had been previously. This can make obtaining travel insurance with a pre-existing condition difficult, but not impossible. If you are on a constant dosage of medication or treatment, a controlled condition clause may allow you to qualify just as anyone else would for the insurance policy of your choice.

Other Options

Travel insurance that has many pre-existing condition clauses or exclusions may be ideal for those who are in good health because they allow for high coverage at a low cost. But, those of us who actually do have these conditions may have a more difficult time finding that high coverage at a low cost. One alternative is to check with your regular health insurance to see what sort of coverage you already have for healthcare abroad. When you take the medical coverage out of the equation because you already have adequate care, you might find yourself in a much better situation.

You can always check with your current insurers for your home, health, or vehicle and see if they can extend a travel insurance policy to you that will provide you with better than average coverage despite the treatment you?ve received. Or, accept the travel insurance with all of its exclusions because you might be in need of other medical care when you are traveling and exposed to new germs and such. You can never have too much insurance, you just need to know which insurance provider will cover what!

Your pre-existing conditions shouldn?t keep you from traveling and doing the things that you want to do. You may have to search for a insurer who will work with you, but you?ll likely find some decent coverage without breaking the bank. The key is to keep looking and not accept mediocre coverage just because you happen to have been treated by a doctor in the last six months.

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