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Why Every Student Should Have Travel Insurance

Student travel insurance is something that should be required before students are allowed to travel, but not all parents and students know how important this insurance and what it can mean to them when they are sick, delayed, or become the victim of theft abroad. While you are subject to the laws of the country you are in when traveling abroad, student travel insurance can help protect you by giving you the medical care you need as well as bring you home for medical treatment, refunding you for delays, and even refunding you for personal items that are stolen. Traveling abroad can be dangerous or risky for anyone, but for students who aren’t always aware of the risks associated with international travel, travel insurance can mean the difference between a good experience and a bad one.

Even when students are not traveling abroad, travel insurance is a good idea. Many students have the opportunity to travel with school groups, church groups, and more. These travels are usually within the same country, but the chance for something to go wrong is still there. Even in his or her own country students are likely to need medical care, experience delays, loss of luggage, and even become the victim of theft. Travel insurance can help students an their parents recover losses from travel.

What You Should Consider Adding To Your Student Travel Insurance Policy

You can buy cheap student travel insurance policies, but it’s always a good idea to really look at a policy before you buy it and decide if it covers all the things that you need it to. There’s no sense in having a student travel insurance policy if it doesn’t cover the things that you need it to. And, there’s nothing worse than calling to make a claim only to find that your insurance policy doesn’t cover your claim because you didn’t purchase the right type of travel insurance.

• Buy travel insurance that will cover the area of the world that your student will be traveling to. Though most insurance policies will cover any area that you travel to, it’s important that you double-check this before purchasing. If you do not read anything on the policy that indicates what area of travel your policy will cover, it’s imperative that you don’t assume your travels will be covered, always ask your insurance agent if in doubt.

• Consider buying student travel insurance that will cover medical costs such as hospitalization, rehabilitation, life flight, and even transportation to your home country. This may be an expensive part of your policy, but paying out of pocket to get an injured student home will be more costly than the policy will be. Medical travel insurance is likely one of the most important elements of your travel insurance policy.

• Consider purchasing a student travel insurance policy that covers the loss of luggage. Other than medical coverage, these are the claims that are made most often. Students will likely get to their national or international destination without losing their luggage, but if it does happen it can mean the loss of hundreds and even thousands of dollars in belongings, and replacing them should be covered by your insurance. Don’t expect that the airline will cover your lost luggage and all the contents, insure your luggage from loss so that you can easily and efficiently replace all of the items in the bag.

• Student travel insurance policies that cover the loss of theft of items are also a good idea. Of course, you might not file a claim if a student loses a fifteen-dollar jacket, but if your student loses or has a stolen an expensive item such as a camera, watch, or jewelry you’ll definitely want these items covered. No one ever intends to lose items or have them stolen, so a student travel insurance policy that covers such possibilities is the best idea.

• Many student travel insurance policies will cover the expenses caused by delayed and canceled flights. Flights are delayed and canceled all the time, causing issues with connecting flights meaning that your student will have to pay money out of pocket to find lodging and food in areas that they did not originally intend to stay. While this does not seem like it could amount to much, it could be hundreds of dollars that you did not intend to spend, which is worth filing a claim for.

Student travel insurance is simply a safe guard against the risks associated with travel. Students are more likely to have issues while traveling, especially if they are young and have not traveled a whole lot. Most students travel to and from their destination with little or no problem, but student travel insurance is still a good idea. Accidents happen, as do medical emergencies, and being far from home without a way to cover such expenses can prove catastrophic. As you would with your car, home, or your health care, insurance is the way to go, just in case.

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