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Choosing Luggage by Its Zipper

There is a variety of reasons why the zipper on a piece of luggage is an important factor to consider when choosing bags for your next travel expedition.  For those who travel frequently, a cheap zipper is likely to give out after only a few months of use, necessitating the purchase of new luggage.

Here’s a short list of what to look for in a zipper when shopping for your next piece of luggage:


-  Material:  Some zippers are actually made out of plastic instead of metal.  Some plastic zippers are easier to reattach should they “give” in a certain spot; however, once they give out, they tend to do so repeatedly.  Metal zippers are, by natural of their material, much sturdier.  They will outlast the plastic versions with frequent use.


-  Brand name:  To reduce the cost of luggage, many manufacturers are choosing cheaper parts for their bags.  The YKK brand of zippers are the most reliable, so look for their logo on the zipper when choosing your next bag.


-  Size:  Many pieces of luggage will offer larger-sized zippers for easier grip and handling.  Be careful though, since these zippers should still be of good quality in order to withstand frequent use.  Also, take a look at how close the zipper is to the seams.  If the seams are too close they will catch and your zipper will not work properly.


-  Accessories:  Many manufacturers will include zipper locks with their zippers to protect against theft, although zipper locks should be considered more of a deterrent than an actual stop against theft.  It’s fairly easy to separate the zippers locked together.  Another feature often included is zipper pulls, which make opening and closing your luggage easier.  If your zippers don’t have pulls attached to them, consider adding your own with a piece of cloth or zip ties.


Whether you plan to travel light or for months on end, choosing luggage with a quality zipper is always a good idea.  By investing in a brand with high-quality parts, you will eliminate the need to replace a good bag even sooner due to a faulty zipper.

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