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Top 10 Places to Travel on a Budget

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If you are like most folks these days you are on a budget. Whether you have been affected financially due to the slumping economy or not you are probably watching what you spend. Fortunately, even if you are on a budget there are some places you can travel that offer fun and excitement even when you don’t have much to spend.


You can go to the beach for free. Sure, you might have to pay for parking, but it usually isn’t much and if you don’t mind walking you can always park for free. The surf and the sand are available year round free of charge and can be a great way to have fun, get some sun, and save some money. Pack a picnic and have fun!

National Parks

There are national parks located across the United States. Find the closest ones to you to explore. Most even have campsites where you can truly enjoy nature and save some money.


There are many rivers throughout the United States that offer great vacation and recreational opportunities. Fishing, rafting, boating, swimming, and more can all be enjoyed. Find the rivers closest to you and checkout recreational activities you can enjoy.


The mountains are beautiful and perfect for hiking, camping, and simply enjoying peace and quiet. Take a drive to the closest mountains and camp out, enjoy white water rafting, or even take a train ride through the mountains and valleys.

Theme Parks

Theme parks are usually relatively affordable and they serve up lots of fun. They are great for kids of all ages and families really enjoy spending a day together enjoying the rides, shows, and food.


The United States has museums in all big cities and many small ones, too. Make it a family goal to visit all the museums in a 100 mile radius of your home one year and you will learn many new things about your area and its history.


When it comes to vacations, cruises are usually fairly affordable. A 3-day cruise can be reserved at a couple hundred dollars a person and that includes food! Consider a cruise if you are on a budget and interested in going somewhere tropical.

Walt Disney World/Land

Whether you are in California or Florida, you should definitely check out a Walt Disney theme park. With free entrance on your birthday, and other deals, this can be a great way to vacation, have fun, and still stay on a budget.

National Monuments

There are all kinds of national monuments, especially in Washington, DC. They are free of charge to visit in most cases and you will learn a great deal about the history of the country.


If you live near the border consider traveling out of the country for a few days. Many times prices are more affordable and you will be able to have a better vacation for less money. If you don’t live close to the border you may be able to find affordable flights to places like Mexico, Central America, and even places in Europe. That’s especially the case if you live near a large international airport.

These are just a few ideas to take a vacation and save money. Remember, it’s not where you go or how much you spend, but the family time spent making memories that’s important.

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