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Frequently Asked Questions

What is travel protection?
Travel protection is the combination of travel insurance benefits and emergency hotline services. Travel protection is designed to give travelers peace of mind by protecting their investment, health and belongings.

Why do I need travel protection?
It provides you with:

protection for your trip cost if you have to cancel
24-hour access to emergency medical referrals and assistance
reimbursement for unexpected travel expenses you might incur
protection for medical emergencies
medical assistance abroad; your care will be monitored by U.S. standards

What does travel insurance cover?
The insurance component of travel protection provides reimbursement for the financial expenses associated with cancelled or interrupted trips, lost luggage or sudden medical emergencies. Click below to get more general information on the many types of insurance provided by travel protection:

Baggage Lost, Stolen, or Damaged
Baggage Delay
Collision/Loss Damage for rental cars
Emergency Medical/ Dental Expenses
Emergency Medical Evacuation
Missed Connection
Travel Accident
Travel Delay
Trip Cancellation/Interruption

What will the 24-hour hotline center service do for me?
We offer access to a 24-hour hotline center staffed with multi-lingual problem solvers able to help travelers with emergency medical, legal or travel help. Help getting a passport replaced, a bag reported missing, emergency cash or getting into a hospital is provided around the clock and around the world.

Doesn’t my credit card or regular medical insurance policy provide coverage for me while I’m traveling?
You should always check your health insurance before you take a trip, because:

most health plans don’t provide payment directly to foreign hospitals
your coverage may contain a deductible that you are responsible for satisfying
most health plans do not cover the cost of emergency medical transportation

Can I cancel my trip for any reason and get all my money back?
No. Trip Cancellation coverage will refund pre-paid non-refundable payments if you have to cancel for a covered reason. Covered reasons include sudden medical emergencies, bankruptcy of a cruise line or tour operator, severe weather, terrorist incidents and being called for jury duty. There are other reasons as well but business obligations, change of mind, Pre-Existing Conditions are not covered.

Can you explain the Pre-Existing Conditions Exclusion and the waiver to me?
A Pre-Existing Condition is any injury or illness that is in existence 60 days prior to and including the effective date of your insurance plan. These conditions are not covered unless you purchase the travel protection within 14 days of your initial trip deposit and you are 80 years old or younger.

Do I have to buy travel protection at any specific time?
You can buy it at any time prior to leaving on your trip. If you want to be covered for Pre-Existing Conditions make sure you buy it within 14 days of paying your initial trip deposit and you are 80 years old or younger.

Are there events or medical conditions that are not covered?
Yes. Every insurance plan contains restrictions and limitations. For general information click on any of the named insurance benefits above.