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Travel Insurance
The easy way to buy travel insurance might seem to be through a travel agent or tour operator. Sometimes these policies are ‘free’ with selected holiday deals, but where they are not they can be very expensive.
Travel agents are no longer allowed to insist that holiday maker’s book insurance through them and it’s almost always possible to find a better deal by shopping around.

Buying online is by far the simplest way to arrange, purchase and obtain instant cover. With USA Flight Insurance, you’re guaranteed the best coverage at the most competitive rates around – quickly.

Type of Coverage
The traditional way to buy travel insurance is to take out coverage for each this is usually how tour operators sell their coverage. If you only make one or possibly two trips abroad a year, this may well be the best option. However, a growing number of travelers are opting for annual travel insurance.

The advantage of an annual policy is that there is no need to worry about arranging coverage for each journey and it is usually better value than buying individual policies for two or three trips a year.

Most annual policies will cover trips of a month or more and they can be bought to cover European or World-Wide general travel. It’s also possible to add business coverage and skiing or snow boarding for an additional charge to a standard annual travel policy too if you plan to do more than travel to the snow.

Annual travel insurance is an even better deal for families. Insurance for a couple will be cheaper than for two single adults and coverage for a family with children under 18 is not usually much more expensive than coverage for a couple. Be careful for restrictions on how the coverage works. Some family travel policies only cover the family if everyone travels together. The best policies will cover each adult traveling on his or her own and even unaccompanied trips by the children.

The most important part of travel insurance is medical coverage This should include treatment at the destination, but also the cost of being flown home, by air ambulance if necessary. It’s useful, too, to have access to a help line that can put you in touch with a doctor who speaks English.

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