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Volcanic Ash & Travel Insurance – Frequently Asked Questions

In recent days, USA Flight Insurance has seen service request increase up to 300% due to the Iceland volcano eruption.  We have collected a series of “frequently asked questions” (see below) and thought it would be helpful to share these.

“I am scheduled for future travel and purchased my insurance policy prior to this volcanic event. If this volcano subsides and then erupts again, causing my future travel plans to be disrupted, will this be considered unforeseen and could coverage apply?”

Answer: Under most of our US products, you would be covered based on your purchase date being prior to April 14, 2010, subject to policy terms and conditions.


“I am scheduled to travel this summer and have not yet purchased a policy. If I purchase a policy today and a future eruption of the Iceland volcano occurs would I be covered?”

Answer:  If the current Iceland Volcano situation subsides and commercial airlines resume normal schedules prior to your trip, any new eruption would be considered a new event under our US policies.  Coverage would be administered according to the product purchased (based on limits and exclusions).


“I have insurance and am scheduled to fly out later this week. What should I do if my flight is cancelled?”

Answer:  The first call you should make is to your air carrier as all airlines have made rebooking passengers impacted by this event a priority.  That said, please contact us for additional assistance, both for flight rebooking and to initiate a claim if applicable.


“What is the coverage cut-off date for the current Iceland volcano event?”

Answer:  Eligible US plans would need to have been purchased before April 14, 2010.


“My relatives are stranded away from home. What can you do to help them?”

Answer: Our 24/7 assistance centers stand ready to help you and your customers. Our services include flight rebooking, hotel rebooking, cash wire transfers, translation services, message relay and more. Our worldwide reach has also helped our insureds avoid spending nights in airports, as we have helped get them accommodated in hotels during their delays.

Choosing the Right Budget Travel Insurance

If you have ever planned a vacation only to have your airplane delayed, your baggage lost of been hit by an unexpected sickness then you already know the importance of travel insurance. The problem is that sometimes expensive travel insurance doesn’t fit into your allotted budget. Here are some easy to follow tips on how to find budget travel insurance.

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Invest in International Travel Insurance and Take the Stress out of your Travel

If you have ever booked, planned and taken a vacation then you have surely heard of international travel insurance. Every trip you have booked has probably come hand in hand with an offer for travel insurance, but the question remains what exactly is it? What coverages are you provided and is it truly worth it? Without a long drawn out explanation the simple answer is, yes. Here is a simple explanation of exactly what international travel insurance is and why it is such an important investment whenever you are leaving the country.

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Is Travel Insurance Worth the Cost?

Are you constantly catching yourself daydreaming of that exquisite beach vacation or trip to paradise? We all know just how incredible a wonderful vacation can be, but in these hard economic times a getaway has become a luxury that not many can afford. However, finding the time and the money can do wonders for your overall outlook on life and provide you with that much needed relaxation that your body and mind craves. With that being said, your vacation is an investment and just as is with any investment, you need to protect it.

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Travel Insurance for Pregnant Women

Pregnant women can enjoy traveling as everyone else. Many women decide to take trips closer to the date of their new arrival as they know that taking care of their baby will become their number one priority, leaving less time for leisurely travel than before. Traveling while pregnant may pose some risks to the expectant mother, which should be taken into consideration.

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Travel Health Insurance

Travel health insurance is something that many people consider, though many people don’t realize that they simply do not need the coverage. Travel health insurance may be one of those things that you get just because everyone else you know does the same thing, but you should know what to look for and why you are purchasing such a policy. Insurance isn’t cheap, so you should only pay for what you need.
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Why Every Student Should Have Travel Insurance

Student travel insurance is something that should be required before students are allowed to travel, but not all parents and students know how important this insurance and what it can mean to them when they are sick, delayed, or become the victim of theft abroad. While you are subject to the laws of the country you are in when traveling abroad, student travel insurance can help protect you by giving you the medical care you need as well as bring you home for medical treatment, refunding you for delays, and even refunding you for personal items that are stolen. Traveling abroad can be dangerous or risky for anyone, but for students who aren’t always aware of the risks associated with international travel, travel insurance can mean the difference between a good experience and a bad one.

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Inexpensive Travel Insurance; Affordably Reduce Stress and Improve your Vacation

With the emergence of the internet, travel companies and consumers now have the ability to compare and book different vacations easily and efficiently. It seems that more people nowadays are venturing off on international vacations whether it be backpacking through Europe or laying on the beach in the Caribbean. Moreover, millions of people are going on more than one vacation a year. If you find yourself having the opportunity to travel abroad relatively often then you know that the cost of travel insurance can start to build up. Does this mean that you should start cutting down and opting out of travel insurance? Not at all but there are ways that you can invest in inexpensive travel insurance.

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Viatical Life Insurance Settlements

What is a Viatical Trust Settlement Agreements?

A viatical life insurance settlement is an agreement between a business firm (specializing in such transactions) and a life insurance policyowner insuring the life of an individual with a life-threatening or terminal illness, normally with a life expectancy of two years or less.

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