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Hurricanes and Terrorism

After the very active 2005 Hurricane season it?s likely that travelers will be more interested in Hurricane coverage than ever before. People?s eyes have definitely been opened as to how easily travel plans can be ruined long term, and many feel as though Hurricane coverage may help protect them and their investment when traveling to areas that may be affected. Likewise, the events of September 11, 2001 have people thinking more seriously about terrorism insurance. Unfortunately, neither hurricanes nor terrorism are things that you can predict, so buying the insurance coverage for either of these items is something you have to do as a precaution, and hopefully you never have to file a claim concerning either type of coverage.
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Protect Your Belongings With Luggage Protection

Other than your personal safety while traveling, the safety of your luggage and the items in it is one of the biggest things on your minds. When you travel, especially when you travel for long distances, you?ll likely pack a good deal of your personal items from home. Even if you are not a heavy packer, it?s easy to assume that you pack anywhere from $500-$1500 in your personal belongings and many of these items simply cannot be duplicated. When something happens to your luggage, you?ll find that an airline or a cruise line is just not able to offer substantial replacement vouchers so you can get new luggage and/or new personal belongings. Luggage protection programs are an excellent way to not only take care of your expensive luggage, but the expensive and personal items inside.
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Travel Insurance And Your Pre-Existing Condition

When traveling with a major health condition you probably realize that you are more in need of travel insurance of some sort than a lot of other people. Unfortunately, when you have a major medical condition you?ll find that getting travel insurance is actually more difficult despite your very real need for it. It?s not only the people with major, ongoing illnesses that are often trapped by the pre-existing condition trap, it?s people who have simply been treated for a medical condition within the last six months to a year. If you have been treated for a condition or have an ongoing illness, you should know that you are entitled to travel insurance you just have to disclose your health information so that your best interests as well as the interests of the insurer are protected.
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Travel Insurance For Seniors

Travel insurance for seniors can be more difficult to obtain than one might imagine. Before the age of 55 most people can get travel insurance, even if it’s health related, without too much of a hassle. As you get older, not only does it get more difficult to get medical and life insurance, quality travel insurance is more difficult to come by. Unfortunately, this is not just your average age discrimination, with age comes more risk for insurance companies, whether we want to admit it or not. But, age doesn’t make one less likely to need the insurance, so you still need it! What do you do?

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A Beginners Guide To Travel Insurance

When you are purchasing travel insurance it’s important that you not only compare prices, but that you also compare what the policies cover, the exclusions of each policy, as well as other features. A cheap insurance policy that doesn’t cover anything that you need it to cover might as well have never been purchased, so it’s important that you know what to look for before buying. Buying travel insurance doesn’t have to be a stressful experience; you can do some research and find that there is a policy out there that is right for you. The right travel insurance policy will allow you to travel more comfortably, so it is worth the research.
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