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Travel Insurance for Pregnant Women

Pregnant women can enjoy traveling as everyone else. Many women decide to take trips closer to the date of their new arrival as they know that taking care of their baby will become their number one priority, leaving less time for leisurely travel than before. Traveling while pregnant may pose some risks to the expectant mother, which should be taken into consideration.

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Top 10 Places to Travel on a Budget

If you are like most folks these days you are on a budget. Whether you have been affected financially due to the slumping economy or not you are probably watching what you spend. Fortunately, even if you are on a budget there are some places you can travel that offer fun and excitement even when you don’t have much to spend. Read more

Budget Travel for the Unemployed

Regardless of whether you are gainfully employed or not you will still want to take a vacation to enjoy your family, friends, and some free time away from the stress of looking for a job. Luckily, there are quite a few ways you can travel on a budget even if you are currently unemployed. The following are a few of the ways you can save money and still have a great vacation!

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Top 5 Mysterious Airline Crashes

Airplanes are one of the safest forms of travel around but accidents do happen in forms such as mid-air collisions, terrorist hijacking, or technical malfunctions. From all these disasters nothing is more unsettling than those which are unsolved. Disappearances of airliners do occur. Due to severe electrical storms combined with electronic malfunctions, an airplane will disappear from ground radars, communications lost, and in the end the downed airplane will never be discovered along with the specific cause and reason for the accident. Here are some of the most mysterious airplane incidents of all time.

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Top Bachelorette Party Destinations



The Best of Paris

Pictures from the most beautiful city in the world.









Inspirational Travel Quotes

I put together a few pictures from around the web for my recent business trips. It help when things get lonely in the hotel room.





















Travel Health Insurance

Travel health insurance is something that many people consider, though many people don’t realize that they simply do not need the coverage. Travel health insurance may be one of those things that you get just because everyone else you know does the same thing, but you should know what to look for and why you are purchasing such a policy. Insurance isn’t cheap, so you should only pay for what you need.
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Why Every Student Should Have Travel Insurance

Student travel insurance is something that should be required before students are allowed to travel, but not all parents and students know how important this insurance and what it can mean to them when they are sick, delayed, or become the victim of theft abroad. While you are subject to the laws of the country you are in when traveling abroad, student travel insurance can help protect you by giving you the medical care you need as well as bring you home for medical treatment, refunding you for delays, and even refunding you for personal items that are stolen. Traveling abroad can be dangerous or risky for anyone, but for students who aren’t always aware of the risks associated with international travel, travel insurance can mean the difference between a good experience and a bad one.

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