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5 Simple Packing tips

When I initially began to write this article, I have to admit I was a little skeptical. I couldn’t help imagining obsessive compulsives all over the world (including my dad) fervently taking notes from their computer or printing this very article to tape on their suitcase. But upon further consideration I began to recall vacations I had so gloriously embarked upon, only to find my belongings jammed hap-hazardly in my suitcase topped with a perfume-soaked sock swimming in a flower-scented river(the culprit being a melted lady speed stick). And So I have come to realize that this article is not just for those who color-code their sock drawer, or only eat their cookies in odd numbers, oh no…these tips are for everyone (including the girl with the crusty wrinkled clothes and the Calvin Klein scented tube socks).
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Inexpensive Things to do in Atlanta during the summer

Slip into some shorts and a cotton shirt and prepare to have wholesome, cheap fun in Atlanta during the summer.  From free concerts to inexpensive Asian meals, Take One magazines to Starbucks on every corner, and down the way to Little Five Points where parking is cheap and refundable, and shops call out to you on the sidewalks with their air- conditioned caverns. 

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Known as “The Land of Blue Sky” in ancient east-Asian lore, Mongolia spread culture and language westward, creating the legends and allure that brought Marco Polo to the Far East, inspired the poetry of Samuel Taylor Coleridge and Dinosaur hunters to the Gobi desert. For my own part, it was continued exploration of the effects of Soviet-era occupation in Asian lands that drew me to this faraway nation, a newer democracy.

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Las Vegas: A Guide for Families

Las Vegas is a timeless multi-billion dollar glittering icon, covering the sins which earned it the moniker "sin city" with a veneer of class. In the recent years, Vegas has made an incredible comeback as the previously proclaimed adult playground, with breathtaking new casinos, shows, and clubs while still maintaining the old school excitement that has attracted so many jack-pot seekers over the decades.
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