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USA Flight Insurance is a leading travel insurance authority. By selling travel insurance direct we save our customers up to 50% in commissions charged by other companies.

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Travel insurance can be arranged months in advance of a trip, and our fully trained and friendly staffs are happy to provide advice and general information as well as issuing quotes and policies.

Travel insurance is one type of insurance you are guaranteed to use. We  need medical attention from time to time, and some of us need it quite often. When it is needed, you want to focus on getting better ­ not on how you are going to come up with the money to pay your medical bills. A good travel insurance plan allows you to focus on what’s most important, your physical well being.

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Travel Insurance for Pregnant Women

Pregnant women can enjoy traveling as everyone else. Many women decide to take trips closer to the date of their new arrival as they know that taking care of their baby will become their number one priority, leaving less time for leisurely travel than before. Traveling while pregnant may pose some risks to the expectant mother, which should be taken into consideration.


Travel Insurance For Seniors

Travel insurance for seniors can be more difficult to obtain than one might imagine. Before the age of 55 most people can get travel insurance, even if it’s health related, without too much of a hassle. As you get older, not only does it get more difficult to get medical and life insurance, quality travel insurance is more difficult to come by.