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Be Accountable For Your Personal Safety When Traveling

There is no doubt that airports and airplanes are much safer than they used to be with heightened security since September 11, 2001. Despite all of the safety and security precautions that are taken, you should still take responsibility for yourself before and after boarding an airplane. Security is no substitution for your own awareness and ability to take precautions for your own safety. Every time you go to an airport you are mixing with people that you do not know, not only do you not know them, you do not know their motives or intentions. For this reason, it’s best to consider taking every precaution for your own personal safety.

Before you board an aircraft you’ll arrive at an airport. You’ll likely have to park in a parking garage or similar structure. Take notice of the people around your vehicle as you park, and make it obvious to anyone who may be watching that you are aware of your surroundings. If you carry a purse, put it over your shoulder and keep a hand on it. As you are pulling luggage out of your vehicle, be sure to glance around and take notice of anyone standing around. Your being aware will scare off anyone who thinks you might be a great target for theft.

As you check in at the airport you’ll want to keep track of your things. If you put down your carry-on luggage or even your check in baggage for just a moment, it can be gone. Keep all of your things as near to you as possible, keeping contact with them if you can. Once you check in you’ll want to head to your gate where you’ll board from, remember to keep your carry on luggage with you at all times even if you visit the bathroom facilities or a restaurant or news stand. It takes just a moment of not paying attention or looking away for someone to steal your valuable possessions.

When you board the aircraft locate your seat and fasten your seatbelt. Studies show that the people who live through emergencies on aircrafts typically wear their seatbelts, so this is a huge personal safety issue. Also, properly store your carry on luggage under the seat in front of you so that it doesn’t slide back and injure you or anyone else. It’s a good idea once in flight to keep your seatbelt fastened, even if the pilot takes off the seatbelt requirement. As you make your way to the restroom on the aircraft walk carefully and avoid doing so if many other people are up or the plane is bouncing around a lot. 

When you arrive at your destination, you’ll want to take the same precautions to keep your belongings near you at all times. Just as you would when you were getting on your plane, you’ll want to be aware of anyone who may be watching you, and waiting for an opportunity to take your belongings or even rob you. If you stop for something to eat, be sure not to leave cash out in the open, which may make you a prime candidate for robbery.

When you go down stairs and escalators you’ll want to take care not to trip and fall, and you should take even more care if you have worn sandals or a type of shoe that does not stay on the foot. This seems like a silly tip, but many people hurry through airports and end up slipping and falling while going up and down stairs or escalators.
Following these steps for your safety will help you get in and out of airports and aircrafts without injuring yourself or falling prey to people who hang around airports waiting for opportunity. Your chances of being injured or victimized if you follow these easy steps will decrease dramatically, but it’s not a guarantee that you won’t befall some minor injury or unforeseen thief that wants to take your things. 

Being aware of your surroundings is the best way to be accountable for your personal safety when traveling because you can process what is going on around you and react accordingly. It’s when people believe that all the security in place is all that they need that they suffer the consequences of relying on something other than personal accountability.

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