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Hurricanes and Terrorism

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After the very active 2005 Hurricane season it?s likely that travelers will be more interested in Hurricane coverage than ever before. People?s eyes have definitely been opened as to how easily travel plans can be ruined long term, and many feel as though Hurricane coverage may help protect them and their investment when traveling to areas that may be affected. Likewise, the events of September 11, 2001 have people thinking more seriously about terrorism insurance. Unfortunately, neither hurricanes nor terrorism are things that you can predict, so buying the insurance coverage for either of these items is something you have to do as a precaution, and hopefully you never have to file a claim concerning either type of coverage.

Hurricane Insurance

Hurricane coverage is not something that will typically be sold with a travel insurance policy, so you?ll have to request this separately, if you are interested. You?ll find that Hurricane insurance usually isn?t all that costly, though we may see dramatic increases in the next year or so after the very active 2005 season.

Hurricane coverage can be tricky, because you cannot wait too long to purchase it. If you have paid for your trip in advance, you should also pay for hurricane insurance at the same time. The problem for a lot of people is that they book their trip and then put off buying hurricane insurance, only for a hurricane to hit the area in the days before you are scheduled to travel, or even worse, while you are there. Unfortunately, lodges and airlines will often refuse to refund you, even if the area is not one that can be traveled to and from after a hurricane hits.

If you believe you are traveling to an area that has even a remote chance of being threatened by a Hurricane, you should buy hurricane coverage when you purchase your trip. The reason for this is because you cannot buy hurricane coverage once a hurricane has been named in that particular area. Hurricane coverage will allow you to be refunded for all payments made, and if you are there and injured or suffer a loss of property you will also be reimbursed for those items. Hurricane insurance really is worth it if you are traveling to islands, or areas of the country or world that is on the water. Once a hurricane hits it?s too late, but when you plan ahead you may be saving yourself hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Terrorism Coverage

Terrorism coverage is a tricky thing, as it simply doesn?t exist for a lot of insurers, and for those that do carry it, it has so much fine print attached to it that you aren?t even all that sure what it covers. Terrorism coverage is a reality though, with acts of terrorism being in the news and on our minds.

Generally, you can buy terrorism coverage that will help you recover losses for airfare, lodging expenses and other various expenses. Terrorism coverage usually isn?t all that expensive, though it?s increased in the last couple of years. The problem with getting terrorism coverage is that many insurers will state that there has been a ?terrorist event? in a particular area within the last 90 days, making the area disqualified for the coverage. Each insurer has a different definition of a terrorist event, so be sure to inquire. If you are traveling and you feel as though you would like terrorism coverage, it doesn?t hurt to ask for it. Think about all the costs you will inquire if you are stuck in a city for 10 days, paying for meals and lodging until the airports are up and running again should they be shut down. Terrorism insurance will help you cover these expenses, making it a very logical purchase should it be available to you.

Terrorism insurance has changed in the last few years, because of the terrorism that has been seen all around the world. It?s a sound concern, and even if you do not use the insurance it?s a good idea to have that protection. The people stuck all around the world when 9/11 happened could have never predicted such an event, or the expenses that they suffered as a result. So, plan ahead, it?s the best policy you can have when traveling.

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