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10 Tips on Caring For Your Luggage



Are you the type of person who travels a lot? Then, you must have been using different kinds of luggage so as to provide you with the ideal storage space for most of your belongings.

Ideally, luggage had been creatively crafted to provide comfort and easiness on people who usually cannot go along without their usual paraphernalia tagging behind. Besides, with the help of luggage bags, travelers find it a lot easier and more cheerful to travel.

There are many different kinds of luggage bags available in the market today. However, whether you would like to have one with wheels or some comfortable duffel bags, the function remains exactly the same. It always seeks to provide optimum convenience for the traveler.

With the many kinds of luggage bags come the various kinds of materials used. These materials are extremely different from each other and have its own unique characteristics. Therefore, it is important to know how to take care of these materials used to make luggage bags so as to ensure lifetime reliability and durability.

Besides, caring for the luggage bags would enable the owner to make good use of the warranty. Do remember that there are some companies that do not honor warranty services if the item is subject to excessive wear and tear and reckless use of the individual.

Caring for your luggage bags is not an easy thing. This is because each luggage bag is made from a particular material; hence, its care must be patterned and subject to the kind of material used.

Here is a list of some tips that you need to know in caring for your luggage bags according to the materials they are made of:

1. Leather

If you would buy luggage bags made of leather, it is best to buy those that are made from high-quality leather material. This is because low-quality leathers used in luggage bags will manifest easy wear. Thus, exposing them to water and moisture will definitely expedite its wear and tear.

Never use solutions that are usually treated on nylon-based or polyester-based materials. Even if these solutions initiate resistance on water, stain, and dirt, it may create some chemical reactions on the leather and will only destroy its natural look.

2. Ballistic Nylon

If you were able to buy a luggage bag made of ballistic nylon, you can be sure that stains, dirt, and water will be kept away from wearing your bag. Hence, cleaning your luggage bag with water would be safe and easy.

Try to use gentle soap or those that do not have very harsh chemicals. This will ensure that the chemicals that were usually found on soaps will not create a destructive reaction.

3. Polyester

Any luggage bag made from polyester is definitely hard wearing and flexible. It has an outstanding defiance against scratches.

When cleaning luggage bags made from polyester, it is best to clean the material using water, mild soap, and a supple rag. It is also best if you will clean the whole section and not just the part that was muddied. Try to clean the in and out of the luggage.

4. Be wary on the kinds of brushes to be used

When cleaning luggage bags made of nylon or polyester, try to use brushes made of special materials that will not create some scratches on the surface. For instance, brushes that have nylon bristles are best for cleaning ballistic nylon luggage bags.

5. Never drench the luggage bag

Keep in mind not to soak the material. It is also best to clean the whole section and not just the dirty part. Then, after cleaning the whole material, it is best to use some solutions that will bring back its resistance against stain, dirt, and water.

6. Hardware

This refers to the solid accessories that go with the bags. For instance, one type of hardware are the edges. These are used to protect the surface and the frames of the luggage bags. The other types of hardware are the straps, handles, zippers, and the locks.

In caring for the hardware, it is best to remember that using oil on hinges, handles, or locks will only cause more harm than good. This is because the presence of oil on these kinds of hardware will only initiate leaks that will lead to the clothes or the inside layer of the bag.

7. Use lacquer or nail polish for some nice touch-ups

In order to maintain the luster of the hardware, it is best to polish them lightly using a good quality steel wool and “re-seal” them with a clear nail polish or by using lacquer.

8. Read the instructions before using any chemical solutions

Always keep in mind that whenever you have to use some chemicals in cleaning your luggage bags, read the instructions in the manual before starting the cleaning process. Otherwise, you might never know but the solution that you have used is not suitable in a particular kind of luggage.

9. Use solutions that will restore water-resistant attributes

After cleaning luggage bags made of polyester or nylon, it is best to use some chemical solutions that will bring back the resistance property of luggage bags against water, stains, and dirt.

10. Always use mild soaps

Using soaps that contain very harsh chemicals could only destroy the natural brilliance and beauty of the luggage bag. Hence, detergents and other strong cleaning materials are definitely big no-no’s.

It is best to use soaps that are proven to be mild on gentle and without any harmful chemicals.

The bottom line is that caring for your luggage bags will definitely ensure you of a hard wearing storage space for your stuffs when traveling. That would make you and your luggage bags travel together for a thousand steps.

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