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A Look at Wheeled Carry on Luggage

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Remember the days when only airline attendants and pilots could be seen walking through the airport terminals with wheeled luggage?  After all, it was only 17 years ago that wheeled luggage was invented by Northwest Airline pilot Bob Plath.  You can now find luggage with wheels everywhere, from large duffel bags to small carry-ons.  Bob’s company, TravelPro, has sold wheeled carry-on luggage to nearly half a million airline employees, as well as a large portion of the public.  Many other companies have followed suit, and you can find wheeled luggage almost anywhere now.

There are so many choices, in fact, that you can spend anywhere from $30 to over $700 on each piece of luggage.  Sizes and weights available are as varied as the colors they come in.  There are bags offered that are too small to hold anything, and other that are so large and heavy that you could not check it onto an airline.


Many travelers would not think twice to leave home without their wheeled luggage, as the rolling capability and extended handle make it so much easier to walk from terminal to terminal when traveling.  The fact it need not be carried is an especially attractive option for those with back backs or shoulders.  However, tall travelers should carefully pay attention to the height of the suitcase and the length that the handle extends.  Leaning over to pull a short piece of wheeled luggage is apt to be harder on the back than carrying a piece of luggage on a padded strap.


Whether you are looking for a nice bag to take on weekend getaways, or need a sturdy and reliable piece of luggage for frequent traveling, considering a wheeled bag is a great idea.  Available in the perfect size for a carry-on, you’ll be able to conveniently store your bag in the overhead compartment of an airplane.  If you opt for a much smaller version, you may even be able to fit it under your seat.  Either way, you will love the convenience that comes with purchasing a wheeled carry-on as opposed to a piece of luggage you have to haul around on your shoulders.

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