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Types of Luggage

It started as a trunk that serves as storage space for Christopher Columbus’ things, from navigation products down to his clothes. From then on, luggage has always been a part of a traveler’s life. Wherever he may go, luggage bags will always be that one thing that especially made to provide convenience and comfort for the traveler.

From the sturdy oak, cedar, and pine trees that were used before as materials in making trunks (the early type of luggage), and to the different types of modern luggage bags today that remarkable create fashion statements, luggage bags had continued to evolve in the industry with the function of giving mankind a storeroom for his belongings.


Today, luggage bags are being sold in the market with different sizes, types, color, and materials. Every luggage bags vary from one to another; hence, it is important to find the type of luggage bag that would best work for you.


Whether you are a frequent traveler or a sporadic vacationer, there will surely be one type of luggage bag that would give you the kind of service that you want.


To know more, here is a list of the types of luggage bags:


1. Carry-ons


This particular type of luggage is characterized with small but great features. On its basic context, carry-ons are undersized suitcases. Also known as “underseaters,” carry-ons are so small that they were designed to fit the space under the seats on the airplane.


Even if they are small, carry-ons may still differ from each other through variations in sizes. However, the biggest carry-ons would only be 22 inches and are especially designed to provide storage space for travelers who are on “short trips.”


The basic features of carry-ons are a few packing compartments, outside pockets, handle or shoulder straps.


2. Utility kits or toiletries


These luggage bags have variations in sizes. They can either be handbags for short travels, or huge traveling trunks made to suit for long vacations. But basically, even if they are big luggage, their main purpose is to “lug” cosmetics and toiletry.


Generally, utility kits are made of fabric, vinyl, or leather. Utility bags made of fabric are usually painted with linings that are made to resist water or moisture. Toiletry is also made with snap closures and zippers for added security and protection.


3. Casual or tote bags


These are miniature luggage bags; in fact, they are smaller than the carry-on bags. They also vary in sizes and shapes. However, this type of luggage was specifically made with universal purpose. The regular tote has an open top and is usually made of leather or fabric. Other features of casual bags or tote bags are shoulder straps, zippers, stretchy bottoms, and watertight pouches.


For a common traveler, he would normally carry totes along with his other luggage as an added compartment for his things.


4. Garment carriers and bags


Garment bags are especially made to allow travelers to pack their garments and outfits on hangers. These are usually used by people who are in need of ready-to-use clothes anytime, anywhere.


Usually, garments bags can hold as much as four garments at a time. It size may differ according to the one who will use it. For instance, for a woman’s clothes, the appropriate garment bag should be 54” up to 60” long so as to carry long dresses or evening gowns; while for men, the right size would be 40” long.


Garment carriers, on the other hand, are known as handy cabinets especially made for traveling.


5. Rolling Suitcases


These are modern types of luggage bags. The best thing about rolling suitcases is that they are especially made to stand upright.


These are luggage bags on wheels with pull-in pullout handles, hence, they are much easier to drag along. Rolling suitcase sizes range from 18” to 30” in height; and just like the other kinds of luggage, it also features side and inner pockets, zippers, pouches, etc.


Indeed, luggage bags may have numerous varieties, but there are some types that will definitely work best for you. Just try to keep in mind that when choosing luggage bags, do not just contemplate on contemplate on the brand, the material, or the overall appearance of the bag. Try to consider most importantly the purpose for using the luggage.

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