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10 Tips on Caring For Your Luggage



Are you the type of person who travels a lot? Then, you must have been using different kinds of luggage so as to provide you with the ideal storage space for most of your belongings.

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Types of Luggage

It started as a trunk that serves as storage space for Christopher Columbus’ things, from navigation products down to his clothes. From then on, luggage has always been a part of a traveler’s life. Wherever he may go, luggage bags will always be that one thing that especially made to provide convenience and comfort for the traveler.

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A Look at Wheeled Carry on Luggage

Remember the days when only airline attendants and pilots could be seen walking through the airport terminals with wheeled luggage?  After all, it was only 17 years ago that wheeled luggage was invented by Northwest Airline pilot Bob Plath.  You can now find luggage with wheels everywhere, from large duffel bags to small carry-ons.  Bob’s company, TravelPro, has sold wheeled carry-on luggage to nearly half a million airline employees, as well as a large portion of the public.  Many other companies have followed suit, and you can find wheeled luggage almost anywhere now.

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Choosing Luggage by Its Zipper

There is a variety of reasons why the zipper on a piece of luggage is an important factor to consider when choosing bags for your next travel expedition.  For those who travel frequently, a cheap zipper is likely to give out after only a few months of use, necessitating the purchase of new luggage.

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Inexpensive Travel Insurance; Affordably Reduce Stress and Improve your Vacation

With the emergence of the internet, travel companies and consumers now have the ability to compare and book different vacations easily and efficiently. It seems that more people nowadays are venturing off on international vacations whether it be backpacking through Europe or laying on the beach in the Caribbean. Moreover, millions of people are going on more than one vacation a year. If you find yourself having the opportunity to travel abroad relatively often then you know that the cost of travel insurance can start to build up. Does this mean that you should start cutting down and opting out of travel insurance? Not at all but there are ways that you can invest in inexpensive travel insurance.

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Viatical Life Insurance Settlements

What is a Viatical Trust Settlement Agreements?

A viatical life insurance settlement is an agreement between a business firm (specializing in such transactions) and a life insurance policyowner insuring the life of an individual with a life-threatening or terminal illness, normally with a life expectancy of two years or less.

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5 Simple Packing tips

When I initially began to write this article, I have to admit I was a little skeptical. I couldn’t help imagining obsessive compulsives all over the world (including my dad) fervently taking notes from their computer or printing this very article to tape on their suitcase. But upon further consideration I began to recall vacations I had so gloriously embarked upon, only to find my belongings jammed hap-hazardly in my suitcase topped with a perfume-soaked sock swimming in a flower-scented river(the culprit being a melted lady speed stick). And So I have come to realize that this article is not just for those who color-code their sock drawer, or only eat their cookies in odd numbers, oh no…these tips are for everyone (including the girl with the crusty wrinkled clothes and the Calvin Klein scented tube socks).
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Hurricanes and Terrorism

After the very active 2005 Hurricane season it?s likely that travelers will be more interested in Hurricane coverage than ever before. People?s eyes have definitely been opened as to how easily travel plans can be ruined long term, and many feel as though Hurricane coverage may help protect them and their investment when traveling to areas that may be affected. Likewise, the events of September 11, 2001 have people thinking more seriously about terrorism insurance. Unfortunately, neither hurricanes nor terrorism are things that you can predict, so buying the insurance coverage for either of these items is something you have to do as a precaution, and hopefully you never have to file a claim concerning either type of coverage.
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Protect Your Belongings With Luggage Protection

Other than your personal safety while traveling, the safety of your luggage and the items in it is one of the biggest things on your minds. When you travel, especially when you travel for long distances, you?ll likely pack a good deal of your personal items from home. Even if you are not a heavy packer, it?s easy to assume that you pack anywhere from $500-$1500 in your personal belongings and many of these items simply cannot be duplicated. When something happens to your luggage, you?ll find that an airline or a cruise line is just not able to offer substantial replacement vouchers so you can get new luggage and/or new personal belongings. Luggage protection programs are an excellent way to not only take care of your expensive luggage, but the expensive and personal items inside.
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